Accounting Outsourcing for Business

FINMAN: Taking the “fear” out of outsourcing

Choosing the outsourcing path is often a difficult decision. You have to consider many things and weigh up the positives and negatives, before you arrive at a decision. Finally, when you decide to outsource, you also begin to have doubts.

The fear of data protection, finding the right fit of an outsourcing partner, the language barrier, dealing with people thousands of miles away.

So, what do you do?

You delay outsourcing. But, delaying is not the answer. You still need to move your business forward. What you need is an outsourcing supplier who can completely understand your fears and work with you to remove them. You don’t want an outsourcing supplier. You want an “outsourcing partner”.

In FINMAN in collaboration with KACO, Chartered Certified Accountants, you will get a trusted outsourcing partner. We will work towards addressing all your fears about outsourcing and remove the myths that surround it. We want you to have the absolute confidence while taking the outsourcing path. Our aim is to make outsourcing a happy and successful journey for you.

Some reasons why we are special

Flexible engagement model – You can start with

  • Pay as you go model
  • A small team with one or two resources or
  • Large team to handle multiple functions

Best practices & Process

  • Ability to offer ideas & recommendations for your process improvement
  • Documentation of all the process for best practice
  • In-house IT team for ad-hoc tasks

Top quality team

  • Top notch accounting talent with strong English language skills
  • Most staff with post-graduate, chartered accountancy and/or MBA degrees
  • Committed to continuous learning
  • Professional management team that aims for 100% client satisfaction

Data protection & confidentiality

  • Committed to data protection as you are
  • Several layers of security systems at our computers and network
  • High security offices and fully trained staff
  • Non-competition and non-solicitation agreements to ensure 100% peace of mind to you

FINMAN – Your safe choice for accounting outsourcing

When you choose to outsource, you will obviously get the low cost advantages, but with FINMAN we offer you 100% reliability of a trusted outsourcing partner.

Success in outsourcing is based on engaging people with the right expertise to the needy clients in the most flexible terms available. FINMAN is your safest choice when you think about accountancy outsourcing.