Changing Diaspora – performance review of micro finance banks

Global Findex 2017 mentions that only 21% of Pakistan’s population has access to accounts whereby 50% of people have access to accounts in Bangladesh, 80% in India, 15% in Afghanistan, 26% in Myanmar and 45% in Nepal. Further, based on estimates of Pakistan Micro Finance Network, the penetration rate of micro finance in the country, […]

Sustainability reporting – The evolving landscape in Pakistan

The report is based on views from the stakeholders and a review of the available literature on the subject. The report also outlines a comparison
of sustainable reporting practices in Sri Lanka with those in Pakistan.

The report also elaborates about the sustainability reporting landscape in
Sri Lanka and compares the same with corporate sustainability reporting
landscape in Pakistan.

Time flies – Do you want to take a ride?

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How to motivate people?

Can we motivate ourselves and people around us? Is it possible to have positive emotions all the time? Are there any tools or techniques which can help us to motivate those who are in our environment?

Challenging questions indeed!

Henry Ford once said: ‘If you think you can, or, you think you cannot……. You are right!’

Some time back, I wrote an article explaining about 11 points as mentioned in a book: How to motivate people.