Employee Outsourcing

FINMAN’s Employee Outsourcing division caters to growing needs of businesses to lease a workforce from a service provider instead of developing ones own. FINMAN’s Employee Outsourcing Division acts as a Third Party Service provider that Recruits, Hires, Trains, and out-places a workforce as per client specifications within weeks. This workforce lands running and starts delivering as per client expectations as soon as they join.

There onwards FINMAN looks after the salary and benefits management, regulatory and statutory requirements, disciplinary and performance management matters and relieves the clients from all HR Management issues associated with their in-house staff.

Functions performed in this service area:

  • Recruiting, Hiring and Outplacement of Skilled/Unskilled Human Resource
  • Processing of Salaries and Pay Packages
  • Income Tax Management for Employees
  • Medical Benefits/insurance Management
  • Training needs Analysis and Facilitation

Other HR Recruitment services:

  • HR Recruitment Services
  • Employees Degree Verification Services
  • Reference Verification Service