Mobilink Bank recently conducted a dynamic Training of Trainers (ToT) session aimed at enhancing the skills and abilities of its trainers. This comprehensive program covered various essential areas to develop effective trainers within the organization. The Bank is country’s leading digital bank with over 42 million registered users and around 16 million active digital wallets. The training session was conducted by Malik Mirza.

With the participation of 24 individuals from different branches across the country, this intensive workshop focused on equipping and empower careers of trainers with the necessary qualities, skills, and knowledge to excel in their roles. Let’s delve into the key areas covered during this empowering session.

Workshop Objectives and Overview:

The ToT session began with an introduction to the workshop objectives and an overview of the content to be covered. Participants gained a clear understanding of the purpose of the training, which was to enhance their capabilities as trainers, enabling them to deliver impactful training programs within Mobilink Bank.

Qualities and Skills of an Effective Trainer:

Recognizing the importance of effective trainers, the workshop highlighted the essential qualities and skills that contribute to their success. Trainers explored key attributes such as strong communication skills, subject matter expertise, adaptability, and the ability to engage and motivate participants. Through interactive discussions and practical examples, participants gained insights into the qualities that make a trainer truly effective.

Qualities and Skills to Develop for Effective Training:

The session also emphasized personal growth and self-improvement for trainers. Participants were encouraged to self-assess their current skills and identify areas for development. They explored various techniques and strategies to enhance their training delivery, such as refining their presentation skills, improving their ability to facilitate group discussions, and leveraging technology for engaging and interactive training sessions.

empower careersUnderstanding Learning Styles: Self-Assessment:

To promote effective learning, trainers need to understand their own learning styles as well as those of their participants. The workshop included a self-assessment exercise through which participants discovered their preferred learning style. This knowledge enabled them to adapt their training methods and materials to suit the diverse learning preferences of their audience.

Developing Participants’ Profile:

Recognizing the importance of understanding the participants, trainers were guided on developing comprehensive profiles of their target audience. This involved considering factors such as participants’ roles, responsibilities, knowledge levels, and preferred learning styles. By tailoring training materials and activities to meet the specific needs of the participants, trainers could enhance the effectiveness of their training programs.

Workshop Planning Guide and Developing Learning Objectives:

Trainers were provided with a workshop planning guide template, which served as a valuable tool for organizing and structuring their training sessions. They learned how to develop clear and measurable learning objectives that aligned with the overall training goals. This step-by-step approach enabled trainers to create focused and impactful training programs.

Activities During a Workshop and Content Sequencing:

The workshop highlighted various interactive activities and exercises that trainers can incorporate to enhance participant engagement and knowledge retention. Additionally, participants gained insights into effective content sequencing, ensuring a logical and coherent flow of information throughout their training sessions. This approach helps trainers effectively convey complex concepts and enable participants to grasp the content more effectively.

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Non-Verbal Communication and Improving Slide Presentations:

The ToT session emphasized the significance of non-verbal communication in training delivery. Trainers learned techniques to enhance their body language, facial expressions, and gestures to convey messages more effectively. Furthermore, trainers were given guidance on improving slide presentations, ensuring visually appealing and informative materials that support and enhance the training content.

Use of Energizers and Becoming an Effective Listener:

To maintain participant engagement and energy levels during training sessions, trainers were introduced to the use of energizers. These interactive activities and exercises inject energy and enthusiasm into the training environment. Additionally, trainers were encouraged to develop active listening skills, fostering better understanding and rapport with participants.

Action Items, Practice Sessions, and Feedback:

The session concluded with the identification of action items for participants to implement in their future training sessions. Trainers engaged in practice sessions, receiving constructive feedback from peers and facilitators to refine their training delivery and techniques. A feedback form was provided to participants, enabling them to assess their own performance and gather valuable insights for improvement.


The Training of Trainers session conducted by Mobilink Bank proved to be an empowering experience for 24 participants from various branches across the country. By covering a range of crucial areas, including effective trainer qualities, learning styles, workshop planning, content sequencing, non-verbal communication, and participant engagement techniques, the session equipped and empower careers of trainers with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in their roles. Mobilink Bank’s commitment to developing its trainers will undoubtedly lead to enhanced training programs, fostering professional growth and supporting the organization’s overall success.

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