Public finance management

Project management and project closure

Pakistan Canada Debt for Education Conversion/ and Monitoring and Evaluation Project (commonly referred to Debt Swap in Pakistan / and M& E project intended to build capacity and deliberate about project management and project closure principles.

The purpose of the assignment was to produce detailed outline / guidance related to the project exit strategy in compliance with the requirement of the relevant documents of the project and to provide one day training to all the concerned stakeholders to ensure that adequate capacity exists to ensure adequate project closure

Project management

The Problem

There are various challenges faced each year in expenditure verification for projects. Each provincial and federal component has its own nature of audit risk; similarly certain transactions by nature have high inherent risk such as cash payments etc. However, the biggest risk is the lack of transparency in procurements which is common in all components. Likewise the funds flows have to be closely traced out.

The Solution

The consultancy resulted in a composite workbook outlining all the areas related to the project closure based on the agreement, Planning Development & Reform Division Guidelines and related applicable rules and regulations.

A one day training workshop on “Project closure and exit procedures” was organized.

The work included the development of the overall design of a training session based on the relevant documents. The workshop was based on practical exercises, with trainer guidance, for face to face group training including Role-plays, Debates, Simulations and lots of discussions.

customer say

What our clients say?

“This training provided us various types of activities that gives us deep understanding of Team Building, they taught us that we should concentrate together to achieve a particular goal within a team.”
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Wang Jiayi
China Three Gorges (Personal development; Team building workshop)

“The training programme was designed well. We used to attend the trainings those were like classroom lectures, but it was full of activities where we can reflect back from the activities. Thoroughly enjoyed.”
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Noman Sohail
China Three Gorges (Personal development; Team building workshop)

“I really enjoyed the training. I have learnt how to communicate better, how to cooperate with the colleagues, how to work better and how to become a better person. So, I have learn a lot from this training.”
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Yunxuan Li