sustainability and transformation plans

The new IFRS S1 on sustainability and transformation plans disclosures is a game-changer for businesses around the world. This publication is designed to provide a clear framework for companies to report on their sustainability efforts and impacts. Here’s what it brings to the table:

Universal Language for Sustainability: With IFRS S1, companies now have a common language to talk about their sustainability work. This makes it easier for everyone to understand and measure how businesses are taking care of environmental and social issues.

Credibility in the Market: When a company uses IFRS S1 to share its sustainability story, it shows that they’re serious about making a difference. This can boost their reputation and make them stand out in the eyes of consumers, investors, and partners.

Better Decision-Making: IFRS S1 helps companies see their own impact on the world more clearly. This insight can guide better business choices that consider not just profits, but also people and the planet.

Investor Attraction: In today’s world, investors are looking for more than just financial returns. They want to put their money into responsible businesses. Companies using IFRS S1 to disclose their sustainability can draw in these investors, showing that they’re a part of shaping a sustainable future.

Ready for Regulation: With sustainability becoming a hot topic for regulators, IFRS S1 sets companies up to be ahead of the game. It aligns with current and potential future regulations, helping companies to comply and stay ahead of regulatory curves.

In essence, the IFRS S1 publication is a vital tool for any company that wants to be transparent about its sustainability journey, attract conscientious investors, make smarter decisions, and stay compliant with global trends in regulation. It’s not just about being good for the world—it’s also about good business. Please download our publication for CXOs and CFOs about sustainability and transformation plans disclosures standards to help you in implementation journey.

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