financial mentor

Economic Benefits of Modern Silk Road – China Pakistan Economic Corridor

In order to deal with the imminent changes, finance professionals need to
equip themselves with the key skills of effective communication, better use of business analytics, knowledge of the relevant taxation structure and strong leadership.

Around 86% of survey respondents agreed that they should attend short courses on business, Chinese language and culture.

team building workshops

Workbook – team building

TEAM – Together Every One Achieves More!

In this participant’s workbook, the focus is to use case studies to stimulate thoughts and make participants think about team building and its effectiveness.

direct communications

How to motivate people?

Can we motivate ourselves and people around us? Is it possible to have positive emotions all the time? Are there any tools or techniques which can help us to motivate those who are in our environment?

Challenging questions indeed!

Henry Ford once said: ‘If you think you can, or, you think you cannot……. You are right!’

Some time back, I wrote an article explaining about 11 points as mentioned in a book: How to motivate people.